SLIIN provides Management, Professional Education, and Financial & Investment Consultancies for Micro, Small & Medium Scaled Enterprises (MSMEs).

From the level of business idea to start, growth and sustainability, we are there to assist you.

We will provide the best solution for your business in affordable and friendly manner. Having contact with us, you will understand the value and quality of our services. We are committed to our vision and mission. You are our most precious asset.


Our Vision

Equitable and Just Society through Sustainable Development

Our Mission

Channeling resources for development of sustainable businesses in micro, medium and small-scale sectors focusing poverty reduction and economic development


   Channel low cost development credit lines to needed micro, medium and small enterprises.

   Investment service intermediaries and advices for local development Co-operative and social capital institutions.

   Promote social enterprises as a tool for sustainable development.

   Provide training and capacity building for emerging and developing micro, small and medium enterprises.

   Provide satisfied returns and lifelong relationship with stakeholders.

   Conduct any businesses as it may fit the vision and or mission of the company.

Our Partners

Nimai Consultancies

Dubai based Management and Financial Consultancy firm and SLIIN collaborate with Nimai for raise funds for local MSMEs.